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    Looking for Programmers / Developers / Business Partners / Investors

    Hey all,

    My head hurts, everything is in my head and hard to put on paper.

    I have this massive personal project that has been in my mind for many years and it is now really starting to eat at me on a number of levels. I am aware I am throwing myself out here to all of you which could turn into who knowís what, but I need to do something to really start getting this project of the ground and really give what people really want on the web.

    The issues I have are web programming knowledge and money. With that said I am almost at a stage where stages one of the projects is near completion which will help in funding this massive project. Due to the nature of this project I cannot give full details of my idea due to risk of others embarking and completing such project but can say that it will be in direct competition Social Networks, Accommodation, Advertising, and other booking type features. This project will earn millions of dollars in profit and know that further down the track in a short period of time after completions of other stages it will turn in to a multi-billion dollar company and can assure you, you wonít be left short.

    There are 3 main aims that this project is focusing on and will mention just 2 due to the third one will really open the flood gates for people to squash my project with their own, but I can assure you, I doubt more than a few will fully understand what I am thinking on how I want this to work unless I give specific details. So the 2 main aims are defeating SPAM & PRIVACY.

    Iím sure everyone on here will be thinking, why not hire a freelancer to develop my project etc. Well 1, money is the key even if stage one does kick off, I know I will need help with parts of the stage one and 2, no offence but a lot of freelancers appears to be in India and I have no issues with them at all, just that communication is the key especially via emails etc and also have tried slightly before. So in short, I am looking for people who are willing to help as a group to get this project off the ground to be able to pay you for all the hard work and greatness that we all achieved and continue working for a great company that it will turn out to be.

    So what do I need? Right now I need someone who understands APIís cause I am not fully understanding it even though I am quite smart, just need a little guidance and know that once that has been sorted out, then I know that the one that can help with it, will be able to reap the rewards after it goes live. I believe APIís will play a major role in utilizing in terms the amount of services my project will offer customers.

    I need people who can communicate well, understands PHP, JSP, Linux, Javascripts, etc. People who have knowledge in Telecommunicationís (Mobile & Internet Services), Web hosting (Configuring servers and installing scripts/software), Marketing (Someone that can help in giving my future company a good brand, etc), Android (This will help out in terms of applications and also releasing a competitive device).

    I am looking for a lot of people and my project is hard to break up in terms of who and want I need which writing the above has now made me aware that I canít work out who or what I need until I have communicated with a lot of people. But one very important aspect about my project is I need a very flexible framework. A framework that can handle modules and pluginís so that future developers can connect to it, say similar to joomla but much more flexible and not as bloated.

    So I propose an idea, if everyone that reads what I have written is interested or whatís to know a little more and can offer help even if its 3 hours a day or so. Reply to this forum or if this forum can let me, email ethan at tigerboyau dot net.

    Let me know what you can offer in terms of what programming languages you know, what you have developed, what back ground and working environment you have been involved with to determine if your assistance is beneficial. Trust me when I say this, everyone from all kinds of industry is welcome and I really wish that I can fully explain everything about my project here but the risk is too high. Investors are welcome to enquire.

    I am primarily looking for people in Australia however am open from all over the globe due to this project will be reached by all once deployed and will need some assistance from abroad for further information.

    My backgroundÖ living in Sydney, have lived in many places all over Australia. I have worked in Hospitality, Public Transport, Call Centres, Telecommunications, little Banking and now in Advertising. With that said, I am below 40yo.

    Thatís it, thatís all I can say right now. Please, even if youíre curious to know more information about this project donít hesitate to email. Also to note, this project is here to create jobs and will benefit everyone around financially, even the customers themselves will be making money.

    This is no scam, no gimmick, this is Ur Life!

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    We are a leading website company based in India.We can do the work for you.I cannot PM you here.

    We have well experienced professionals in many Web platforms such as Flash design,flyer design, PHP,ASP.Net,,,menu Flash , HTML , CSS, Photoshop, Web designs , Java scripts, AJAX, Portal developments MY SQL, MS SQL ,MSACCESS etc. We are also in Joomla,Wordpress,Drupal and Magento technologies.

    Email me back with details.I will get back to you with our portfolio.


    Penguin Websoft

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    Did you even read this guys post, and if so why do you blast your company at him. He is needing people that will work with him long term. He is wanting to build something large and have a personal team he can count on..

    Any How NewFuse,
    I am learning php/mysql and have come along to be able to do somethings, such as forms and small scripts. I will help any way I can. if you want to talk more about this please email me at mike (at) nerdzhost . com

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    This seems interesting, I am in a similar position. Although I am hopefully going to present the idea to the Chancellor of my university my idea could also be in competition with social networks etc although it is not a social network.

    I wonder if the ideas are similar, however i dont think that either of us will talk about it, as either of us could steal ideas etc. But its interesting.

    Its a risky position to offer my help, and it looks like from an idea and design position you seem to have it already.

    This is rather a frivolous reply but I thought i would add my thoughts.
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    I am an individual with more than 4 years experience. you can catch me online or drop me an email.



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    @penguinwebsoft I'm afraid I don't need a website company in India creating my project, I already have a website company interested in doing it which is outside Australia and not in India. It's just that I believe I require people who are willing to work long term and earn money from the awesome effort they put into my project rather than a company getting paid and paying their employees little to nothing for the work.

    @PHPNerdz seems you saw what I saw nice post. As for your learning's, I believe they are very handy to have, although at this moment in time your help wont benefit me right now.

    @aspire7 I have to say that what you wrote was interesting also and wish you luck in presenting your idea to the Chancellor. I understand your reply isn't serious, however I will point out that without knowing what your idea is, I can honestly say that your idea will not be similar to mine. I could be mistaken, yes, but I feel that with the level of details I have about my project and the main aim which is the 3rd aim of my project and has not being mentioned, it wont come anywhere close.

    Now with that said, I feel that I can maybe let on a little more about my project to give everyone here that reads this a little more insight and the reason being is because I feel once my project becomes live, the level of competition may spark and the types of services other companies are willing to offer in direct competition to my project will be very interesting and may not be able to compete. I can say the word portal, but its not and then again I can say I will be in direct competition against ninemsn & yahoo also but don't believe for one second that we will loose if we're to compete against those two cause I can honestly tell everyone, that I know my project will open everyone's eyes and they will go wow.

    @abdulhameed it appears your from Emirates, not that its an issue but you mention that you have more than 4 years experience but in what? it's not telling me what you can offer.

    ** Note for Investors - do not fear that the words big project is needing millions of dollars at the early stage of the game cause it doesn't, this I can assure you.

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    Any contact methods other than replying here ?

    Email ? Msn ? Aim or Skype ?

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    @Treznax if you actually read this thread you would see what my email address is clearly as it is in bold. Nervertheless its ethan at tigerboyau dot net

    please ensure you let me know your background and what you are looking at offering to this project.

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    Can't believe I missed that, sorry .

    Thanks will be emailing you shortly.

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    Ok let me try and spill something out here...

    Whats happening on the internet today? We have scammer and we have people conducting fraud. Can my project overcome this? yes and no. I'll explain why, my project is to be a two faced system. Paypal is a great example of a two faced system. Verified and not verified. How much does Paypal earn roughly? 4 billion plus.

    eBay, they have scammers and people ducting fraud every day. Can my project overcome this? Yes and no as my project will be a two faced system.

    Now let me cut in here and tell you how my project is looking at the two faced system. Let’s say if someone was to go to my project and wanna buy something from a eBay type environment, would that person buy it from someone who is unverified? Most likely not. So let me let you ponder on that in mind., how wonderful is that site? People come and go, making bookings and staying at places of their choosing, great isn’t it? Well at the moment they are earning millions from this site.

    What about facebook, hmm it’s pretty cool, has a few pitfalls but millions upon millions flock to it a day and what’s their revenue like? 1 to 2 billion a year. A lot isn’t it?

    How about say hmmm now here is a site running and Advertising service. Is it great? I would say yes. Is it making lots of revenue? Yes. Who are they targeting? Let me see hmmm Australia. That’s ok.

    Let’s take a look at ninmsn. What do we have here? We have News, Sports, Finance, Entertainment, Travel, has eBay connected to it, property? Ooo they have hooked into it, oh and wait dating? Wow now that’s cool and its with How does everyone feel about ninemsn? It’s a Microsoft product isn’t it. I have nothing against Microsoft at all, however I hardly go on it cause why? Well it has everything I need I guess, but so much news and gossips and well other services, hmmm have to join them if I wanna stick to the ninemsn real wont I?

    How about Not much different except they have and oh wow they also have for their dating services. Hmmm now that is interesting. There’s flicker which everyone loves, and seek for the career searches whereas ninemsn has it as well hmmm.

    So if we combined ninemsn & yahoo together they earn billions correct? So I guess your all will be asking the same question. What does all this mean for my project? How can it compete with these two giants alone or will I be competing against these two?

    Well all I going say is I have a solution and a fantastic idea that will meet every single persons need around the globe and will benefit all on a number of levels. It will save users money, in fact able to make money from when the project I released also, plus having the safest environment and able to be accessed on all devices.

    Now with all that being told I can now honestly say that this should give people some idea what my project is trying to achieve but not in full because I know there will be developers out there that will say, hey I can create this type of thing and beat my project to the punch. Infact they can, they can try and create what I am what they think I am thinking but I know they won’t be able to successfully deploy it to work the way people around the globe would like it and trust me with how I have thought about this project for many years, there are key elements that will make this project successful.

    So now that’s out of the bag, I have been getting a few emails and yes some from investors. What I need is to speak to someone that has a nice idea as a framework, and when I say framework, I mean something similar to Joomla, but lightweight and very flexible for developers to create modules with.

    For investors, please continue to email and ask questions but please understand one aspect I cannot answer at this time which is how much my project needs to get things rolling. I am working on it, but I really need people who are keen in investing time and effort into something that I know will work and it’s is what everyone needs today.

    Also I am sorry if I am writing too much on this forum 

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    I have more than 4 years experience in php/mysql/jQuery and have very good experience with FB Apps and google products e.g. maps.



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    sent you an email
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    Sounds like you need a project manager right from the get-go

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    Hi Newfuse

    Just stumbled on this thread whilst looking for ruby dev's and started reading your thread and thought it was quite interesting.

    Just a word of advice from me; not that I'm expert by any means; however I'm a year into a startup, on round 3 of investment and have been through what you're going through in terms of building a profitable online business.

    My advice for what its worth; don't pay consultants at all or recruit agencies to build this; you need a business partner whose a developer. And a good one, who believes passionately about your project and is totally committed, as much as you are. They can project manage this for you; and then you should try raise finance from f/f/f and angels to get additional dev's and build the site to scale quicker.

    Look high and low, attend developer events, chat and network like you've never networked before, and speak to people about your project, and push through with it.

    Using any type of agency or consultants to build an app / site for you, means they will build something that will hold up for a period of time; & may look okay to you, but they're main concern is building something in the quickest amount of time with your budget. If you're not a coder and know what they're doing exactly, you don't know what short cuts they're taking. Its like building a house, if you build it quickly and not well, 6 months later walls could collapse; build it properly, with strong foundations like a castle, it will be worth it from the beginning.

    So if you have a developer whose a business partner, they have the interest of the business at heart, not just your cash, whilst thinking where they're next project's coming from. It means they will go into detail to ensure the foundation is build well and will withstand the test of time. They will consider UX design and useability - looking into A/B testing perhaps and all these things that lead to a successful site. Branding, design, UX all make a site friendly for users, if users don't like it, although you may have a great idea, they won't use it.

    I've seen websites that have VC funding fail due to poor UX; and others have overtaken them in volume due to simple UX. Even though ideas are great, you also have to convince the general people out there your idea is good. So be ready for knock backs.

    But don't give up, persist, keep going, through the highs and the lows and let the passion of your idea take it forward.

    I made these mistakes myself; I paid consultants initially, and had to re-write most of the coding again; I have a developer as a business partner which took me 4 months to find; but I got there. If you have a website, that is your business, you MUST have a developer on your board / team who you can reach 24/7 should things be going wrong at the beginning stages - if you don't know about coding / dev stuff.

    And, if a developer says it'll take 1 month, double it; it'll take 2 months. Always. Sometimes you can even treble it.

    If you're CEO / leading the project, be prepared for this type of set back.


    Again good luck!

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