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Thread: Windows Crashes

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    * Windows Crashes

    On the other day, my dad's PC (running XP, since he doesn't do much except browsing and excel) crashed. Many things such as photos, personal videos and few important documents were lost as the system had to be formatted. (It was our mistake since we did not have an online back-up, but misfortunes don't inform prior, do they?)

    How many of you have faced such a thing before? What are your most memorable "Cyber"-losses - personal or otherwise?
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    I had 5 simultaneous hard drive failures.. well, within a couple days (all western digitals of various age and sizes). I ended up losing 30GB of data. Doesnt sound like much, but when drives were barely 20GB, its a lot.

    My mom spent 6 years typing a huge library of family recipies. She had over 600 pages until "this program has performed an illegal operation" and it hosed the document file. I was able to only recover 400 and something pages. Sadly, many of these recipes were given by people who are no longer alive and really nobody else in the family wanted them.

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    "Should have kept backups"
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    This never happened to me because I always have my important files backed up.
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    You dont have to backup to a online storage. Backup to a different partition or to an additional harddrive (they dont cost much) .

    Once I lost about 100GB of data while trying out Acronis Disk Director. They claim it can resize partitions without losing data but I did not to backup before doing it. I tried recovering the data but most of it was corrupted...nothing very important so I reformatted.
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    Think my biggest loss was way back in the days when some virus wiped out my C drive, back when I was a naive kid, who didn't use any protection on his PC.

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    very sad to know .. anyway you should use "Acronis True Image" to take mirror image of your complete hard drive.. so you can save your data even the single icon on your desktop

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