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    want to Show Different Ads To Different Visitors

    I got a site with imagehosting.

    now I had ads there.

    I want to do somet thing so that I can show diffrent ads to diffrent domain visitors.

    for exmaple

    doman a visitors view ads for X adnetwork

    doman b visitors view ads form y adnetwork


    if you got my point then help or I explain more


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    You can easily get the domain using php and show different content:

    PHP Code:
    "some ads";
    "some other ads";

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    you can use the same script above, but if you want more than just 2 you can use the following instead:
    PHP Code:
    "some ads";
    "some other ads";
    "some more ads";

    just repeat the elseif block for more domains

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    thanks guys.

    now I have a question

    I got 4 ads spot of diffrent resoulution on the site.

    If I create 4 diffrent php file for example ads1 ads2 ads3 ads4

    then I add this code in these file and for displaying this code on my header.html file. what html code I need to add.

    as in my script there are two file like header.php and header.html so for putting ads I need to put codes in html file and the html file feach some other content form the php file.

    hope you understand what I mean?

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