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    * 90,500 uv/m webmaster / web hosting blog, sidebar top, 250x250, $30/m

    My blog is a webmaster / web developer / web hosting blog that frequently writes about topics about websites (ideas, development, monetization, promotion, hosting, etc.).

    It currently has 90,500 monthly unique visits.
    It's ranked 32,620 worldwide and 26,970 in US by Alexa.
    It has a PR of 4.
    It has 6 advertising spots on the right sidebar above the fold. 4 are available for now.
    The CPM is just $0.33.
    Ads are NOT rotated. You will get 90,500 impressions.

    Anyone interested in the spots please just purchase by clicking "Advertise Here" on the right sidebar grey square box.

    Buy Now:
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    If ever you offer 728x90 flash banners please let me know through PM as I would be interested!
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    could you show us google analytic proof?

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    I would buy a slot if you can show an AwStats or Google Analytics for the past 30 days
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