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    Is that possible to know how particular misspelled domain is accessed (that misspelled domain is not registered yet) so any chances of such data?

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    I don't understand what you are asking. You can't access an unregistered domain.


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    actually i also dont know how to explain.
    means when users access website like then generally what they write in misspelling etc...

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    Oh. You want to know what the most likely misspellings are, for a particular domain?

    I'm sure somebody has studied this phenomenon, but I don't know of any good references. There is a typo finder function at this web site: However, I don't know if it will meet your needs.


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    Nice, if you find any tool which shows how many times that misspelled domain tried to access by users then please post.

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    It is not possible to view access rate of a domain unless it is registered and hosted. Even also can not show you an unregistered domain's stats.

    Currently there is no such tool to view stats of hosted domains not owned by you. Only way is to pay to providers like

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    Like everyone said, its not possible to get the data of domain which was never registered. However, you can use Google to determine how many search results return for misspelled term or you can use adwords tool to determine if that misspelled term has any searches made. It would at least provide you a fair idea about whether to register it or not.
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