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    Where to register .ls domain?

    Hi - which is the same and cheap registrar to register a .LS domain? - Any suggestions?


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    Wow - it doesn't happen very often that I have to consult the IANA database to look up a country code; but this one I had to look up.

    .ls is run by the University of Lesotho. The IANA database does not list a web site, which probably means that - like in the early early days - domain names have to be registered manually. Lesotho-based ISPs will probably be able to deal with this, don't know if anybody else can.

    Probably easiest to contact the person running the registry - you can find details here:

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    Have you already checked Giants that has good reputation in the market?

    You'd better choose the company that is accredited one.

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    Seems like no famous registrar is offer .ls domain registrations. By Googling, I found this: but the procedure seems very complex.
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    1,068 seems to offer .LS. Don't know if they handle all the paperwork for you or how it really works, though.

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