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    Another WHMCS Review

    WHMCS fits web hosting providers perfectly. The addon system is robust and their support is very good, they are small like most of us so don't expect 24/7 support. Matt also appears to always be available to answer your questions directly.

    After trying the other billing systems ive decided to go back to WHMCS for web hosting needs and they are surely the best out there.

    Built to be basic however built to be robust for easy customization.

    Highly recommended for Web Hosts 5 ***** all the way!

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    I also think WHMCS is the perfect.
    But kayako is another best one (for support purpos) it got a really niche features as well.
    Also WHCMS have module to integrate kayoko in it.
    they also have live support, I think whcms should also support live support.

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    whmcs has a module for a live support system developed by a third party -- i use it , its pretty good and integrates well.
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    I use ClientExec from begining, so i cant realy say anything about WHMCS, but with ClientExec im very happy. Offer all that you need to run webhosting company.
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    Whmcs basically does everything you need, a really good peace of software. They offer good support too.

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    Who are the biggest competitors to WHMCS?

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    WHMCS and ClientExec are so cheap for what they offer, I'm still surprised when I see a host not using one of them or even worst commenting that they are too expensive.

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    WHMCS is quite good. The closest competitors in my opinion is Client Exec and maybe Host Bill. I don't think anything comes close to WHMCS.

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    Any reliable but free software out there?

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    WHMCS is best. It has all the ingredients necessary to run a hosting company. Very easy to handle and almost bug free.

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    Thumbs up

    Matt is indeed a very professional and a good guy! Kudos to WHMCS.
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    I really like WHMCS too

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    WHMCS ROCKS.......

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    If you do anything other than hosting, I'd actually go with Client Exec. I really like the invoicing back end on that.

    However, if you're primary product is hosting and you like the automation. WHMCS is definitely the way to go.

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    i like whmcs
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    WHMCS is perhaps one of the greatest pieces of software available to web hosting companies today. Thanks for the quick review.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoom Active View Post
    The addon system is robust and their support is very good, they are small like most of us so don't expect 24/7 support.
    Thanks for your feedback, I'm very pleased to hear you're enjoying our software. If I may clarify; someone is available pretty much around the clock during the week to deal with 1st level enquiries.
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    Yes, I also like WHMCS,

    But should we not just keep their feet on the ground, of course it is a good system for some, with so huge difference in how it should work in relation to which country it will be used in
    To all of you who have so much good to tell about WHMCD

    Invoice module can’t be used by many in the EU
    How many modules suitable for all countries in the EU
    How many registrars are supported that come from the EU and it supports all domain names in the EU
    How many payment gateways are supported that come from the EU related to local bank in the EU
    How many languages are supported out of the 23 languages that are in the EU

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    WHMCS all the way
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    Quote Originally Posted by GSalam View Post
    WHMCS all the way
    WHMCS whole way, yes maybe for you in Singapore, but for me in EU is the only half way
    Last edited by Bimse; 03-11-2011 at 04:27 AM.

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    WHMCS is amazing. They came in and with a good product and great customer service Matt dominated the market. I was with Modernbill (v4) for many years and finally switched and I haven't looked back.

    Their product is simple and efficient.
    Matt & Team's customer service second to none when it comes to software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bimse View Post
    Invoice module can’t be used by many in the EU
    You may find this of interest:
    The Complete Client Management, Billing & Support System

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    Another vote for WHMCS
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    Quote Originally Posted by chickndip View Post
    You may find this of interest:
    Thanks I have it already.
    This I write in post #18 applies not only to WHMCS but for all billings systems, I've tried or worked with 8-10 different and there is not one of them can be used 100% in all EU countries

    And there is not one of them I've tried that supports a multi-language on products

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    I would say it is one of the best out there, because there are others on the same terms with WHMCS

    And there are systems there cost much more and they still do not satisfy the requirements we need in the EU

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    I like WHMCS and its easy to set up and its easy to customize to match your website!

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    WHMCS..... with the features it feels like its free

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    Im very satisfied with WHMCS too, but as bimse says. There are some problems when you live in EU. Payment gateways, domain registrars and so on.

    But none the less, another vote for WHMCS!

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    After HostBill has come in version 2.6.0 I would say HostBill +5 WHMCS +4.5

    so now we can only wait to WHMCS comes in version 4.5 and then see whether there have been something we can use

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    It's unbelievable that both the HostBill, and WHMCS has thought so far that there should be possible for more currencies when they are not thinking so far that there is a need for more languages ​​to content

    But it is unfortunately just because they just thinking where they can make most money, and it is in English but there are several currencies so those they must of course take from the start of

    It's little wonder that two companies from the EU does not think the idea that there is a need for multi-language content when they themselves come from the EU where there are 23 different languages, and that with EU VAT first comes long time after system has emerged and there is max. 10 different currencies in the eu

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    There may be hope in the horizon,
    Take a personal inspection.

    What I see missing a lot, with it's well done in Beta

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    This thread was created quite a while ago however with all the new features as of lately. It would be great for service businesses as well!

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    whmcs is good and has good security

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