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    Review: 3 Months - DediPlanet

    My review on after 3 Months of service.

    My thought of DediPlanet at the start was fantastic they have an ok looking site responded to my emails quickly and promptly.
    I thought it slowly die down after a few weeks, but so far its still all running perfect, theres really nothing to fault them on,
    the setup time was better then i thought alot faster and the support seem to know what there doing when replying to tickets and on the solution of them.
    The tickets usually anwsered 10-15mins, but there usually fully resolved within a few hours i suppose its depending on the question though.
    But back on subject, has been one of the most reliable Dedicated Server I've used.
    Then theres the pricing after contacting them threw email they offered me a nice deal on a server which i wasn't the most willing to miss out on.

    Overall rating of 9/10

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    thanx for Review

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    Do they offering fully manage servers?

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    Do they offering fully manage servers?
    Try emailing them, I'm sure they can get you a managed option

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