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    Need managed-webhost recommendations

    Hi, appreciate any input re: webhost
    -that can set-up, design, manage all aspects of site,
    as I know nothing of all this and have zero experience.
    -I simply want to upload my content (text doc's, text doc's with pictures, and later, audio files and audio-video files incorporated into text doc's and as separate files.)
    -My budget under $500 for EVERYTHING.
    -My idea is to allow viewer to read books (time-limited view maybe), but not be able to print, save, download;
    link to Amazon's CreateSpace to buy book.
    -Images that can be downloaded from site (free).
    -A "Contact Us" email function, but restricted: to membership.
    -Links: to/from other sites.
    -Service: will have to be able to chat (on-line) with site-manager; to advise him as to site layout, functions, etc. and any questions/concerns I might have.
    -Any recommendations on webhost that does everything for you very much appreciated.

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    Hi, webron again- I should've mentioned I have about 500 Mb content ready to go (as MS Word doc's created in Vista); expect to provide about 1 Gb content yearly.

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    Well, as I seem to be talking to myself right now, will check back later. Hope I'm doing this right... people actually seeing the post. Later.

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    These forums, while active, are not like Chat, where someone is waiting for an oppty to jump in.

    They are more geared to problem solving (or, as many prefer, "resolving issues.")

    It is not unusual for a msg to be here for a day or so, sometimes more, if the question is not of great interest.

    So, be patient. Someone may answer.

    BTW - make sure that you have configured your profile to receive instant email notification of a posting to the threads you have started or written to. That way you will not have to keep coming back to see if you have a response.
    Joe Harkins, owner
    building and hosting the net since January 1994

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    re: profile configuration

    joehark, thanx for that tip @ profile configuration; so I won't have to keep coming back to check tips...

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    Godaddy is also good. Good services and 99.99% uptime.

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