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    Post Looking for a reseller host

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum.

    Here is the situation:
    I started making websites 4 years ago, when I learned it in school. Since I've made 6 websites for different people. 4 of them are hosted at, 1 at and another on a friend's server.

    The sites have a total traffic of approx. 25 GB/month, and use 5-10 GB disk space.

    Here is my 'problem':
    Since offers such cheap hosting (1,25 /month - 1,50 $), I can't ask my 'customers' to pay more since I want to have them all together on the same location.

    A customer at pays 27/year (including 8 for .be domain name), so that's 19/year. 4 websites makes a total of 76, let's say 80. costs 10/year, so the total is 90/year.

    Is there a host out there that provides a reseller account with 10GB+ disk space and 25GB+ bandwidth for 90/year - 7,5/month - 10$/month? I can buy the domain names separately.

    All of my sites have a .be domain, but I don't really care where they are hosted.

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    The budget is decent, you should not have a problem finding a good company with that amount of resources for that price.

    I will recommend you to have a look into the offers forum.
    Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Master Reseller, VPS, SHOUTcast, Domains Registration and SSLs certificates.
    24 x 7 Support, Daily Backups, Multiple Locations, Instant Activation etc.
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    I actually found a host! I was one of the lucky few who got one of those cheap accounts at autumnnetworks. So far no complaints!
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    talk to bandwidth gurus - - often they will have custom shared and reseller plans.
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    Budget is decent but and should always consider only hosts providing money back guarantee, so you can check their services calmly.
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    You havent counted your panel load of disc that would make like 30 GB at least,is hard that price with that disc.
    Fat cow I guess sell unlimited disc go find out
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    For this you can simply buy a reseller hosting at some company, as there are many reseller hosting companies out there offering within your price range.
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    Hope you found what you were looking for in a budget web host. Maybe in a few months you could tell us how it is been going with them.

    Thanks. - Affordable Web Hosting

    Providing low cost "Value" Hosting since 1999
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    Hope you will be lucky with your new host.
    Keep us updated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cvroonen View Post
    I actually found a host! I was one of the lucky few who got one of those cheap accounts at autumnnetworks. So far no complaints!
    Good to see that you found your host already.

    Specially 4 You
    JoneSolutions.Com ( Jones.Solutions ) is on the net 24/7 providing stable and reliable web hosting solutions and services since 2001
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