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    Recommend VPS Provider (Loads of BW)


    I am in a need of a VPS, I have searched like crazy in the offers section but I can't make up my mind and there is too much reviews for me to read.
    Please help me, recommend or suggest a VPS provider.

    My requirements are below.

    • Min. 512MB Memory
    • Min. 10GB Disk Space
    • Unmetered or a large amount of bandwidth
    • cPanel/WHM
    • Server location as close as possible to Sweden
    • Managed or unmanaged
    • Max. 50 USD p/m

    Thank you in advance.

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    Sweden is going to be hard to find, so I would suggest looking for a host in the Netherlands / Amsterdam. Your budget looks completely doable for what you're looking for.
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    Sweden will definitely be hard to find. UK or NL?

    What will you be hosting on the VPS? How much is "large amount of bandwidth"?

    Most VPS companies will give you a custom quote if you contact them. Let us know how much "large amounts of bandwidth" is so we can know where to point you.

    - Daniel
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    I did not say that it had to be in Sweden but as close as possible to Sweden.
    Thanks for your friendly words but I am looking for recommendations, links.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis H View Post
    Thanks for your friendly words but I am looking for recommendations, links.
    It would still be helpful to everyone to know what you mean by loads of bandwidth. Is that 500 GB? 1 TB? 5 TB? More?
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    I'm with dyna!, at least give a range or a minimum of bandwidth you are require. Using vague terms will not help anyone give you good recs.

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