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    Promote more keywords at a time

    Can anyone tell me that how can I promote more than two keywords of the website at a time? Is there any technique to put more keywords at same time?

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    You need to do a comprehensive keyword research. This activity will help bring up those necessary keywords to target to your site. Skipping this activity will simply put you and your site aimless.

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    you can use both keywords in directory submission and also for the blog comments. you just have to anchor the keywords in comment. also article writing can be beneficial.

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    Do keyword analysis and choose some competitive and some less competitive keywords. Start link building with long tail keywords, once you get ranked for them try more competitive one. In this way you can rank for more than 2 keywords on same page.

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    I always start with five. Keep in mind that when you are working with your site, you don't have to link everything to the main page. If you are wanting to sell blue widgets, then anchor all of your blue widget links back to that page and not your main page. A lot of the time it will help with conversions since they are going right to the page that they are looking for instead of having to look around your site.

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