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    TCAdmin And Its Capabilities?

    So I've been looking into using TCAdmin for managing my game servers and also looking for alternatives. I don't normally use Windows servers so trying to stay with Linux but is TCAdmin compatible with Linux?

    I am confused as their ticket system has a category for Linux queries? Also any thoughts on GameCP or MintPanel?

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    Well basically TCadmin could work for Linux if you know how to set it but the support team won't support it basically or help you with any problems.

    They are only supporting windows OS and recommend windows as of now. However version 2 of TCadmin they mention they will support both OS.

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    TCAdmin is a dinosaur. It's coding practices are outdated, its functionality is outdated, it's developer is uninvolved with the community so community desired features are not implemented, and the support team has zero love for Linux.

    I've made it work on Linux in the past, and it requires very specific software to do so. However it's "Linux Functionality" that was implemented in the past was obviously implemented by someone with a book on Linux and no real world experience, so its featureless and mostly broken.
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