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Thread: Sync a NAS?

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    Sync a NAS?

    We have a co-lo dedicated server (linux) and want to have some kind of sync capabilities with our office's local NAS.

    We have a NAS plugged into our router, and want to have it backed up to our dedicated server.

    What kind of software is available to do this for us? I assume we have to install something on our Netgear ReadyNAS in order for it to talk to our server, and I'm expecting we'll need to install something on the server too.

    Just getting started with the research, wondering what our options are.


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    First question, what type of file storage does the NAS offer? Windows shares, NFS, FTP.. ect.

    Is the NAS a server type setup that acts as a nas or an appliance?
    'Ripcord'ing is the only way!

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