Hi, I am having trouble getting my VPS monitored via Zabbix, I have asked on the zabbix forum but havenít had any answer. With that said, i am sure what i am asking has been done here before.

I donít expect a fix and any advice you can give is a bonus... Assuming you guys use zabbix to monitor your servers, do you know anyway I can get them running with venet0:0 and venet0:1 (as opposed to eth0 and eth1). The problem is, the out of the box zabbix template does not support this, i have changed the host items interface key to:

net.if.in[venet0:0,bytes] and net.if.in[venet1:0,bytes]

But the status says it is not supported.

Any idea what i am doing wrong, and any advice how i can monitor these network aliases?

Many Thanks,