I haven't see any other clones for this site.

This is a custom clone of AolTech.com
You can use this script to bring in news via RSS feeds. Create a site on any topic:
- technology
- news
- sports
- web 2.0
- deals
- celebrity news
- etc.

The feeds will open in a new window with your header at the top. The visitor has the option to close the header and continue to the site.

The admin panel will let you:
- Enter Title
- Enter Title Link
- Enter RSS Feed Link
- Select a color
- Enter number of news items to bring in
- Change Password
- Enter Top and Bottom Ad code
- and much more.

I am selling 10 copies at $25 each

Here is my demo site.

Make money from Ads .. place as many ads as you like at the top and bottom.