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    Windows VPS Provider


    I am looking for a windows VPS provider i don't really want anything amazing but my specs are something like this

    1GB memory gaurenteed
    20GB HDD
    500GB Transfer

    I would like RDP connection, no control panel and windows server 2008 with full control to install applications.


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    Seems quite doable. What is your budget for this requirement? Do you have any location preference?
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    Location i am looking at Europe and the budget under $30

    I don't want to host anything public on this machine i just want to use it as a test machine for some software called Spiceworks.

    the server will recive the data from nodes on site.

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    Do you mean $30 USD? The budget is too low for VPS with 1GB memory guarantee. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    Take a look at ThrustVPS, I had one setup yesterday (so too soon to give a review) and below your budget. They're currently doing a 33% off for UK servers. (That's what made me try them)

    - ian

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    30 euro would be doable, but 30 USD is not much. Just the windows license costs ~15 USD for providers in Europe.
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    Ehm i have seen mixed reviews on thrust. But according to there site they have 60 nodes , they mention that they minimumly have 48gb of ram per dedicated server so they could easily have (30 x 60)900 clients. I have a server at thrust and it's fine only 8-16 hours downtime in the past 6 months.

    Also if you don't like it you can always cancel at the end of the month and try a different provider.
    I know are pretty good, you could always search the offers section.

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