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    Looking for a cheap US server with powerful CPU and fast connection.

    I started off with FDC (even though I didn't need the bandwidth) but disliked their uptime. I am now with Ubiquity Servers and they are great, but their servers aren't specified to my needs. They give a lot of HD space and RAM--something I don't need which makes me feel that I'm paying a bit extra. What I need is:

    - 100% uptime
    - 100mbit connection with the best and fastest connection possible (SoftLayer like)
    - High end processors (Xeon 3460+) with low RAM and HD (4GB RAM or so, and I don't care for HD space, even 80GB SATA will so)
    - At least 5 TB bandwidth
    - Need Windows 2008 Standard+

    Looking to pay around $140 - $160.

    Can anyone recommend me a place? Thanks.

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    You have a great budget, you should be able to find something in your range. We have a server with WeLinkNYC, they are great, I'm sure they could do something for you, speed is fast. They are located in New York. Best of luck finding a provider.

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    They're a little over your budget, but I would highly recommend in New York.

    Otherwise, ServerBeach is another good company.

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