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    Smile CleverKite 1 Month Review

    i am writing this review with a bit of fear , i feel like a little kid who find out a treasure and he is afraid that when everybody will know about it - it will go away .
    but still Orien and his company has been so awesome that i feel i owe it to them to write this review .

    i signed up with CleverKite a month and week ago after a really bad experience i had with outer vps company which i don't want to remind here ( you can read about it on my previous post) .

    CleverKite was new with almost no reviews but i had a good feeling about it - and i went for it .

    Now after a month and 7 days i can gladly say that my trust in the web hosting industry is fully back !

    it start with the really superb support - and when i say superb - i mean S-u-p-e-r-b , issues i had ( and i did not had many) got resolved so fast , i mean the average response time is around 2 minutes , and i am not talking about the automatic " we will check" kind of response - but real live support - most of the times from Orien itself.

    server speed : i am not an expert on this , when it comes to servers etc i am your average joe , but i do know when a server is fast and when a server is slow , and in this case - It is so fast it feels like its dedicated ! i am really loving it , sites are loading quickly and every thing is running smooth , after the last experience i had - i know not to take those things as granted.

    Bottom line - so far - this is without a doubt the best Hosting company i had been with , my only wish is that it will stay the same .

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    Thanks for the review We're glad to have you with us.

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    Nice to see yet another happy CleverKite customer

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    Thanks for the review

    Keep us updated.
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    Great to see another positive review of CleverKite. Keep up the good work, Orien.

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    Glad to hear about your positive experience. Good stuff CleverKite and Orien, I'm seeing more and more good reviews about CleverKite lately.

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