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    Thumbs up AsciiDigital server management review

    This is my first review on WHT. I normally don't write reviews etc. but AsciiDigital server management has done such a wonderful work with great and fast support that I would be doing an injustice to them if I don't write this review. I am so happy that I met met Chad and decided to use his services after I saw his thread in the Server Management offers section of WHT. He is the most awesome system administrator I have met till now and his company AsciiDigital is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. At first I spoke to Chad on live chat on his website AsciiDigital and he was instantly online within seconds. Then I informed him that I needed him to move and restore websites on one of my dedicated servers to a new server I bought on that day. I also told him that I needed Nginx installed and optimized on the new server so that the websites can handle the high traffic they receive (The new server was with lesser RAM and so an optimization was needed for sure). He replied in the affirmative instantly and promised to take care of that. The same day I registered an account at AsciiDigital and paid the invoice which was very reasonable indeed (I paid him a second time too later on as a sign of gratitude for his great work). I provided him the account details on both the servers and the server migrations and complete setup was completed in the next day or so. At first I noticed that it could not handle the traffic initially as it was with half the RAM of my previous server but he fixed and optimized the server completely for the next 2-3 days until it was running as smooth as honey. I had at least 3-4 different types of scripts on the server and initially some of the scripts were not working properly with Nginx. But he is a real genius and he fixed up each and everything so that all the scripts were fully compatible with Nginx. Then he kept on monitoring the server and is still monitoring the server to make sure everything works as smooth as honey. He listens to each and everything and is open to new ideas and you would soon feel him like a friend rather than a server administration guy. I highly recommend Chad and his company AsciiDigital for sure and you can almost blindly trust him on his server skills. I am mighty impressed and I am sure you will be too.

    I would rate AsciiDigital 10/10 without a tinge of doubt. Go for AsciiDigital for all your server administration needs without a second thought.

    Server Management Skills - 10/10
    Support reply time - 10/10 (the reply comes instantly most of the time )
    Quality of support - 10/10 (Chad will not rest till he has fixed up everything and does not let down at all in his support)

    Overall - 10/10 (I could not find any major flaws till now)

    Give him a try. I am sure you would not repent. Really impressed by his server management skills.
    I am looking for 3-4 max genuine users to share resources on my 4 year old managed quad core 8 threaded dedicated server with 16GB RAM and unlimited 1Gbps bandwidth with 30TB cap. Not looking for profit and so, sharing it at much cheaper than semi-dedicated prices. If interested, please contact zamanphone [at] gmail {dot} com

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    Asccii Digital..keep up your good work..Good feedback

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    Keep up the good work, good going.

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