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    Thumbs up Essential things to use in your company

    So what does everyone thing is needed to run your company? What are the essential things that are needed.

    For instance?

    Billing software?
    Support software?

    Etc etc... Any ideas?

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    With out going into to much detail, I would say a solid infrastructure that is easily scalable.
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    Patience. Maturity. Time. Money. Passion.

    You can have all the latest and greatest software in the world but if you lack the above, you're still going to fail. :]
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    Personally I believe you need:
    1. WHMCS/Billing System
    2. Live Chat System
    3. Good support team
    4. Money
    5. Proper Marketing

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    Quote Originally Posted by FernGullyGraphics View Post
    With out going into to much detail, I would say a solid infrastructure that is easily scalable.
    I agree with this, and also on the people and processes side. Ensure that from the start, you have processes in place so things are easy to scale as a company grows.

    There's a book I like that goes over this concept in a more general case (like not specific to hosting companies), called E-Myth Revisited.

    So for example, even if you're only one person right now, you should still use some type of CRM, and document all processes as you establish them. It will make things go much more smoothly when you grow, and also help if you are ever acquired.

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    A well thought out plan.
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    I think the first things that you have to think is the Data Center or any other company your server will be place on... Because without a good DC (ex: data lost, often server down,etc...), all other things will be useless..
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    Passion to operate the business and operate the business, effectively.

    On a second note, always have a backup of everything. Backup plan, backup data, backup infra, backup hardware, backup cash and so on. It saves a lot when you're in trouble, and they do arise, always.
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    A plan for every type of (worst-case) scenario.
    Backups -- backups of EVERYTHING!
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    Business Plan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FernGullyGraphics View Post
    With out going into to much detail, I would say a solid infrastructure that is easily scalable.
    An Infrastructure where you need to hire specialist, responsible and competitive persons for each job.

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