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    Unable to create nameserver


    I am trying to create nameservers on my new server by the following steps :

    - Registered nameservers on enom as the domain is registered there.

    - Got 2 IPs from server company

    - In WHM added those IPs with Add a New IP Address option under IP functions and now system says you have 2 Free IPs.

    - Basic cPanel & WHM Setup, entered and clicked on assign IP address but it says : Sorry, you are out of IPs to assign as nameservers.

    What should I do now?


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    You can manually add those name servers by logging into shell:

    Edit the file by running vi /etc/nameserverips. The format of the file is IP address = name server. For example:

    Just put the IP address that you want to add in the first part and the name of the new name server in the second part.

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    Thanks! I have added it manually via SSH,

    Now I can see them on nameserver IPs page of WHM

    But on Basic cPanel & WHM Setup page when I click on Add a entry for this nameserver,

    In the popup window, the table show different IP next to

    How can I be sure that nameserver is perfectly fine on the server, is there any external tool to check the nameserver?

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    The files to check name server IPs are

    If the IPs are set properly there, no need to worry about what WHM is showing, however you can still verify the A record of the name server at:

    If you haven't set the A record for the name servers yet, edit the DNS zone of from WHM -> Edit a DNS Zone and set an A record for the name servers.
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    I found this tool is useful for verification of setting NameServers: - a modest place for vps offers by sim so dep

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