SmartServerManagement or SSM for short, specialises in providing affordable Linux system administration. As part of the PCSmart Group we are backed by many years of real-world experience, and as a SolusVM certified management parter have an excellent understanding of SolusVM's internals along with Xen and OpenVZ virtualization.


Below are some of the services we are able to offer, if you need something doing which is not listed, please get in touch. We are currently only accepting work on CentOS based systems.

Please see to order

SolusVM Master Installation + Configuration - [Price: 25.00]
We will install and configure a SolusVM master on a VPS or Dedicated Server, including:
* 2 minimal operating system templates for OpenVZ or Xen
* Initial setup of IP blocks for your IP range (if applicable)
* Initial setup of a SSL certificate (requires SSL from e.g. RapidSSL)
* Removal of Unnecessary services
* Tweaking of SolusVM security settings
* WHMCS automation module configuration

SolusVM Slave Installation + Configuration - [Price: 25.00]
We will install SolusVM Slave along with our latest approved version of Xen or OpenVZ including:
* OS Reload of your machine via KVM (If available and IF required)
* Installation of SolusVM
* The latest stable (from our testing) release of OpenVZ / Xen
* Removal of Unnecessary services
* Custom sysctl tuning for additional security/stability
* Automatic time syncronisation with ntp
* Root login email notification (optional)
* Email notification monitoring for RAID based on mdadm, 3ware tw_cli and adaptec arcconf (optional)

Existing SolusVM Slave Update + Audit - [Price: 20.00]
We will check the configuration and health of your existing server, upgrade OpenVZ or Xen to the latest releases, and provide reccomendations if necesarry on how to improve your servers performance or functionality.

cPanel Server Setup, Security + Optimization Bundle - [Price: 30.00]
Our cPanel Server Setup, Security + Optimziation bundle is designed to add multiple additional layers of security to your system, implement improved Anti-SPAM, and improve the performance and reliability of your system. This service can be performed on new or existing servers.

ffmpeg Compilation for cPanel Servers - [Price: 15.00]
We will compile and install the latest release of ffmpeg along with ffmpeg-php, FLVTool2, MP4Box, Mplayer, Mencoder and codecs libxvid,libfaac, libx254 and libtheora.

cPanel Recurring Management Service - [Price: 15/Month for VPS | 25/Month for Dedicated Servers]
Our cPanel recurring management service is designed to take the hassle out of managing your server. You recieve the same comprehensive Setup service as our cPanel Setup Bundle, along with 24x7x365 monitoring of your server, pro-active security patching, 3rd party software installation and troubleshooting of all issues on request.

Custom Kernel Compilation - [Price: 15.00]
The Kernel is the heart of the Linux operating system, so is yours performing as well as it could? Most distributions of Linux include a kernel full of unnecesarry drivers and features you will never use. We can build a leaner, more efficient kernel based on the latest sources, for performance improvements as much as 30%. Example Here

Hourly System Administration - [Price: 25.00]
Our standard system administration service is for anything which is not covered by any of our pre-set packages below. Please get in touch for a quotation, simple jobs will be charged as 30 minutes only.

LAMP Stack Compilation - [Price: 25.00]
We can build you a complete LAMP environment from scratch based on Apache 2.2 with PHP 5.2.x, SuPHP, Suhosin, Zend, Ioncube, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin and vsFTPD FTP server. Please note this does not include any email or DNS services.

Our Guarantees

We offer a "No Fix - No Fee" policy for all of our one-time management work, in the unlikely event we are unable to complete your required work.

In addition, we also provide a 48 hour guarantee against all work carried out. If there are any issues on your system caused by, or related to work we have carried out, we will resolve them for you.

Get in touch

If you need some System Administration work but are not sure what you need, or can't find what you are looking for, please get in touch.

Email: [email protected]

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