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    Order from outside France?

    Does anyone know if you can order a server from if you are not a resident of France? Do they resell (or are they a reseller of someone)?

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    Found the answer. Sadly, it is NO

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    Maybe just look for a close one instead?
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    You probably don't want to be with them if you're outside of France anyway.
    I struggle to pull more than 10 Mbps from them outside of France, as well as from OVH.
    Either they place artificial limits or their network is oversubscribed to hell and back.

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    Thanks for that inside info Crypt.

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    So who do you recommend for quality, and reliable, 100 mbps dedicated servers in France?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techee View Post
    So who do you recommend for quality, and reliable, 100 mbps dedicated servers in France?
    Obviously OVH they have "reliable hardware", nice quality/price, but don't expect bandwidth quality. Perfect for backup servers ;P
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