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    Wholesale Internet Review


    Here is my review of Wholesale Internet.

    I have been with them for nearly 3 years and my server is a high spec server costing over $600 per month.

    My issue with them was when I had a hardware failure on one of the HDDs.

    It went into read only mode.

    I asked the host to stick a new HDD in the server so I could copy the data from the drive with issues onto a new HDD.

    The server was having issues recognising the 2 HDDs together and a new SATA card was tried. This seemed to work for a while and I got the data onto the new HDD.

    I then asked for an extra HDD so I could backup my data but when added again the server had issues with recognising 2 HDDs at once.

    There is 2 HDDs added to the server but only one shows.

    This HDD has sopped working intermittently ever since.

    Then tonight my HDD has got an I/O error again.

    In my opionion there is an underlying hardware issue here.

    I have asked support many times for some advice / solution to this issue and while they respond I get the impression that they aren't going that extra step that hosts such as Softlayer would go to to get this sorted.

    Also during the periods where my server was down I feel I had to push for updates. Also got the impression that they were not as bothered by the fact that my server was down for hours as I was.

    I sub-host this out and when the server is down I put 100% effort into getting everything back up and running ASAP. I can't relax until everything is back up. I feel I owe this to my paying clients. Don't think wholesale internet feel this same.

    I even asked for another server so I could migrate my current set up onto it but they don't have another similar spec'd server.

    Pros: Competitive prices. Good when the server is working. Fairly decent infrastructure / network uptime.

    Cons: No good for anything that is business critical.
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