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    Ninja lion review. 1 month or so....Bad Review :(

    This is my review of the new hosting ninja lion. From what I can tell they seem to be a branch from Downtown host as their paypal payment has downtown host name in it.

    When I first started it seem very good however recently I have been experiencing some very very bad issues with their hosting but it's still in beta supposedly.

    Their reliability I initially thought was very high and thus went with 2 accounts at their special discount thinking it being connected to another reputable host would be reliable however recently my thoughts changed a little. I still got hope for their hosting. I actually recommended it to my family because of their pricing however they also recently experienced problems with their account (I told them to wait and reassured them that ninjalion is reliable as it is connected to a very reliable company downtownhost or so it seems but my trust personally did drop.

    Their pricing is well bellow many services and their introductory pricing is crazy cheap. I cannot complain there. They had a WHT special which was bounced upon.

    Their server speed is quite fast and good.

    However their support and issues experienced gets a 5/10 from me. I had both my accounts suspended without any prior warning to me. The suspension of my accounts cause my site to lose quite a bit of ranking on google as you knwo google crawls site a lot and down time can mean hurting your SEO effort. I dropped about 3-20 ranks in a number of my sites and it isn't very pleasant.

    I was curious as to why my account was suspended and when to inquiry it was supposedly because I had unpaid invoice but you konw I would appreciate them emailing me a warning instead of just disabling my account after all it was even a big amount and when I check my backend it didn't seem overdue. Either ways I simply paid the invoice and then set up for monthly payment.

    Guess what my account is still suspended!

    The person said that the account would be unsuspended immediately after payment but see for yourself:

    I have put a lot of SEO effort into my sites and having it droped in rankings like that really affects my effort, traffic and profit as well as reputation.

    And their story about unpaid invoice? Well my family member that I recommended also complained his account was suspended and the thing you should consider is that he has extra credit in his account because of an error at billing which meant he paid more which wasn't an issue considering the actual price. but this made a point that it clearly was't the issue about payment. If he had extra credit in his account and nothing overdue.

    Now come to my account they claimed it was an overdue invoice and immediately after payment it should be automatically reactivated. Well I made payment about 2-3 days back and my acconut is still unactivated my sites disabled

    I even set up for monthly subscription because many times their invoice seem to be lost in my inbox.

    I am not asking for much just a reliable host and honest responses. I don't want to risk my sites. I rather spend more than lose potentially 100s or more as I bank more sites on their servers and having it periodically cancelled and supsended for now reason hurting my effort and progress.
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    Also I should note my site:

    was ranking 1st page of google for the term botanical slimming soft gel. Now after 2-3 days of downtime it has completely left the first page ranking. I was getting consistent traffic of 100-200 visitors a day. This loss can mean a lot of lost in profit from me.

    So if you wnat reliability I have to say I cannot Recommend them. Check out Host dime instead or Stable host at least they are stable and reliable from my experience with fast honest support.

    Sorry just fustrated that my sites have loss their progress.
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    Reading from the other review posted, it seems they were having issues with CC Payments, not sure if that is referring to possibly 2Checkout or PayPal but I know that WHMCS was having issues with 2Checkout in terms of re-direction that required you to hit "Finalize Order" or to finalize a payment for it to process correctly.

    How were you paying for your invoice?

    I even set up for monthly subscription because many times their invoice seem to be lost in my inbox.
    * If there were issues with the billing system * setting up a subscription might not help if it has not been resolved for processing payments.
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    Sorry about that, but the system automatically should unsuspend your account after the payment being done, but instead of try to fix your issue and contact us, why did you rather wrote here?

    If you need support please open a help desk ticket and we will work with you. This is not our support forum.
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    Just to clarify, your invoice #4243 is overdue since 2011-02-15 and according to our records, is still unpaid. Invoice 4243 has been created on 2011-02-08 00:00:04, an email was sent on the same day about it, the account was suspended on 2011-03-02 12:00:23, so, near one month later of being generated and over 15 days after the due date.
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    OK, just to keep clarifying.

    I honestly do not understand this thread. I saw that you opened a ticket about this very same issue on March 2, the last response to the ticket is mine and was (verbatim copy)

    "Hello XXXXXXX

    We sent you the invoice before.

    After receive your payment the account should be unsuspended, plese let me know if still is suspended though"

    Now, when I look to the payment history, you only made one payment of one account while you have two, Order ID: 165 and 247. You payed for only one of them, since the invoice was not payed in full, the account was not unsuspended.
    I was looking in your tickets history and can't see any cancellation request for your account with order ID 165
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    Sorry I might have jump the gun with this but it was highly because of my fustration from the drop of my rankings due to suspension of the account.

    Additionally in all fairness after being notified that it was an issue with the overdue invoice I logged in and saw an outstnading balance for $4.52 at the time which was 3 days back. I decided to set up to a subscription payment

    Another reason why I did come to the forum was because the error didn't only rest with me but also as mentioned my relative who mentioned his account was also suspended but he had extra credit in his account. thus this lead me to believe that the error was generic.

    However I do agree that this should not be a support forum; I just wanted to share my honest review as I was writing one for host dime as well. I will amend my post shortly and remove the bottom portion however I do think there is some legitimate support to my concerns.

    I will list it here only to justify my accusations to you response however I am also willing to remove these when it has been settled.
    1. Account suspension notice sent to me WITHOUT warning notification. So I went to open a support ticket as quoted
    Hello Sir/Mme,
    I receive a notification that my 2 accounts has been cancelled. Can I kindly know the details for cancellation.

    All I have on the websites are just a couple of domains with no content at all yet so I seem to see any justifiable reason for abuse however I would greatly appreciate your valued opinion.

    Additionally if it's an issue with invoice or payment can you please kindly direct me to an unpaid invoice according to the account details the next invoice is due in 13 days.

    I'd appreciate if you could shed some light on this issue and have my accounts reactivated ASAP.

    Kind Regards,
    Benjamin Ng
    I did receive a kind response:
    Hello Benjamin

    The account has been suspended due an overdue payment that you have in your account.

    Invoice #4243, due date 2011-02-15
    I replied with:
    Sorry about that, I found the bills and have kindly paid the invoice and set up for subscription payment can you kindly reactivate my account. I think I should also notify you that I have issues receiving your invoice notifications. Perhaps your company would want to consider sending direct paypal invoices.
    And received the following:
    Hello Benjamin

    We sent you the invoice before.

    After receive your payment the account should be unsuspended, plese let me know if still is suspended though
    So after doing so seeing my account is still suspended and my SEO efforts going down the drain. Add on hearing from my relative that their account too has been suspended and they had extra credit in their account it got me fustrated.
    2. At the time I did saw a payment for $4.52+ to be paid so I immediate went in to make the payment. To avoid the trouble I dedcided to set up a subscription payment instead and paid the amount as directed for the time. Thus I was under the asumption that all the fees has been paid. I can provide proof of subscription as well as payment receipts if required. I am not too sure why I have overdue payments if I already subscripted to paypal monthly subscriptions?
    3.I could not tell I was paying only for one as the payment was for $4. each account is only $2 and it was signed up under the same account. i made the payment directly from the pay now button as with the amount due calculated by your system so I had no way to know it was payment for only 1 account. Additionally I signed up to a subscription monhtly for both accounts now.
    I was under the assumption that it was payment for everything as I tried to pay with the totla amount due calculated and set up a subscription payment. Checking it now I see it's only for $2.72/month which doesn't seem right but how do I set subscription for both accounts.

    I sincerely apologize again and do accredit that I probably jump the gun on this one but please do understand that I did try to pay both invoices. I paid via the payment due section. Set up subscription through your payment system and was under the assumption that both invoices were handled. Couple that with the news from my relative that his account was suspended as well I was getting concerned.

    I will remove all threads and post but I just want to psot it first to justify my posting.
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    I should also commend that I have high respects for downtown host and know their reputability and seen you on the forum and know you are a honest and fair person however my experience and fustrations about the suspension of my account at ninja lion without proper communication(which completely dropped m site off the first page) threw my judgement off.

    Additionally your payment system is quite confusing; I paid through the payment due but somehow still got over due payments?

    The payment isn't such a big deal but more the cost from my account being suspended causing my site to rapidly drop. I hope in the future that you send notifications before suspending accounts; sometimes emails get lost or forgotten. Additionally you might want to look into your payment processing as mentioned I tired to pay via amount due and set up subscriptions but still had overdue and my relative account had also been suspended even with credit in their account from duplicate payments.

    I think it is best for this thread to be deleted after you acknowledge my responses as not to taint reputation of ninja lion unnecessary.
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    There also seems to be some differentiating amounts with your payment. I had a subscription payment sent for $2.72 sent on march 2nd when I tried to pay all over due invoice and set up a subscrption and just realized each account is $2.48. Not a big issue but it might respresent a bigger issue:
    DowntownHost Mar 2, 2011 $2.72 USD Active
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    But I specifically told you on the ticket that if your account were still suspended to let me know, we got no response from you, otherwise that could be solved on the same day.

    Since this require your interaction with us, please open a help desk ticket and we will handle through there.
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    At less than $3 per month, I don't know why you simply don't pay for a full year.
    Or even 3-6 months or something.
    I have VPS that costs more than double that -- per month.

    It would avoid silly billing issues.
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    Thanks, the Issue has been resolve. I notice my paypal did set a monthly subscription March 2nd along with my payment of $2.72

    Today I found an additional $4.96 in unpaid invoice (which I thought I already handled on March with the subscription) and paid that invoice and was refund the initial payment on March 2nd

    both my account have also been unsuspended and I have to say the act fast.

    I do admit that I probably was in fault in the sense even if ther emight be an issue with their payment system that I shouldn't have jump the gun because I know Jedito and downtown host is a VERY RELIALBE company I respect but was fustrated because under my impression I handled this already on Monday but today writing my review for downtown host and finding my sites for reference realized my account was still suspended so thoguht I'd toss in a review about ninjahost as well which was a bad choice as I see they are willing to resolve the problem. But in fairness to me I was also fustrated about the sudden drop in my ranking of sites as well embarrassing when my relative contacted me telling me the host I recommended them had suspended their account still with credit in there.

    But if you are thinking of going with downtown host or ninjalion don't hesistate because of this review. Although I'd recommend downtown host more but both have Jedito running it who are willing to resolve the issue.

    I will try to get this thread deleted as I think it is unnecessary now and will write another review on my 3rd month hopefully with no mention of any issues and 10/10 as I know they should get. Additionally in regards to the payment glitches and issue I am sure it's a one time thing and shouldn't have been escalated this high but you got to understand if you had a site that you spent on SEO and suddenly drop off you would be tick off as well.

    Either way this is water under the bridge. thanks for the fast resolution and restoration of the account as well as fixing the payments
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    Quote Originally Posted by stoppingfear View Post
    Thanks, the Issue has been resolve.
    Good to see.

    Specially 4 You
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