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    Possible that other email services are blocking my IP?

    I was given an IP address that was apparently used for spam by a previous owner. Yahoo confirmed that it had blocked our IP, but then unblocked it after we emailed them.

    This is what concerns me: If this previous owner used this IP for spam, then it's very possible that he sent spam to many other providers, which means other email providers may have blocked this IP the same way Yahoo did.

    Is this possible? Should I just tell my host to switch IPs? We're going live next week and the last thing I need is rejected emails because someone decided to use it for spam.


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    1,583 click blacklist and drop your ip in there.

    Have fun getting unbanned, a lot of the big mail guys, msn,yahoo,aol.. all use an internal blacklist.

    So its a time thing and a lot of fighting to get unbanned.
    'Ripcord'ing is the only way!

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