Hey all,
A month ago or so i was looking for a reliable web host to host my site(mainly because on my email on it) and after quite a bit of searching i found www.HostATree.com

I searched for their reviews on forums and everything seemed great except for just one review which I wasn’t too worried about and so i went on and ordered a hosting package for a year and…I dont regret it!

its been a month with them and i've not experienced even a single trouble or downtime. I'm hosted on their spruce server. Till now i've only had to make 2 tickets one was a ticket to restore my backup and the second was to request a cpanel username change (as it became what it was from my previous host) both the tickets were solved on the first response, and it was very quick, like in less than 15 minutes.

I plan on moving to one of their dedicated servers soon as they are very cheap and i have heard good things about them but I must wait until my site builds up traffic more.