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    Fast Reponse Hardware Advice For A Shared Hosting


    I would like to start a small buziness web hosting comp.

    but the problem is that I really didn't know what is the server requirements??

    For a cpanel dedicated server with 300 ~ 500 clients (shared hosting):

    what is enought, the server speed/response should not get slow.

    does a 2 x sata drive (5,4k/minutes) on raid 1 ??
    does a 4 x sata drive (5,4k/minutes) on raid 1 ??

    this is really pulling out my head right now, I don't know if I have to buy a cheap or high end server??

    thanks for the replies

    cheer *g*

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    buy a second server when the first one starts looking full. don't wait til it actually is.

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    yeah, but is 2 x 1,5T (sata 2) on raid 1 will be enought to handle 100 ~ 200 clients??


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    Quote Originally Posted by renald View Post
    yeah, but is 2 x 1,5T (sata 2) on raid 1 will be enought to handle 100 ~ 200 clients??

    It can be, but it is all relative to the type of plans you are allowing and their usage patterns.

    As to HD's and shared environment hosting, I would invest in RE/Enterprise drives that are at least 7200 rpm and go with 4 x XXXX in Hardware RAID10 at least, dual xeon processors and loads of RAM, we don't do less than 24 GB per shared node, but we also specialize in high usage plans and don't get anywhere near 2-300 user accounts packed onto the servers either. You don't mention plan type, but if you are planning on being the next HG/BH offering "unlimited" packages then I would really start researching into all of this more and you should go with something like Cloudlinux as well.

    One final suggestion, have a backup service in place.

    Good luck.

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