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    how to restore a full VPS backup to new VPS

    Hi, Guys!

    I need a bit help.

    I've my full vps backup and already got my new vps as well.

    Now some one told me that you can restore your full vps backup by using wget

    but i dont know how, can anyone please tell me exactly how to do, assuming that new vps is have cpanel installed.

    and vps backup is located at like

    thank for the help in advance

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    How did you backup your vps? via Cpanel? or SolusVM or anyelse?

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    through solusVM.

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    you would have to ask your provider to install it for you, i don't think you can do it!

    But i might be wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernardoo View Post

    you would have to ask your provider to install it for you, i don't think you can do it!

    But i might be wrong.
    if anyone could tell me its better.

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    any help? please

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    contact your server provider they will restore for you
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    hmm...may be this could help you:-

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    backup your vps using rsync (or solusvm/veportal) and then to restore, boot a vps with the same os and rsync the following directories back as root:


    then reboot. don't simply rsync / as you really don't want to mess with the /dev and /proc directories etc. i've done this for the last 3 vps moves and its worked flawlessly.

    an example restore command for your /home directory would be this - assuming you extracted your backup tar.gz to /vpsbackup on your local linux box:

    rsync -avp --progress --delete --numeric-ids /vpsbackup/home/ [email protected]:/home/

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    Can you put the reverse sentence or script for to do the backup?


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