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    [Review] Elief

    No host is perfect. With all the regular changes in basic infrastructure like PHP handlers and accelerators, things are always bound to go wrong one way or another. So have there been problems from time to time? Sure.

    But the same is true with any and every other host we've ever used, and anyone who has had a different experience can't possibly be running a particularly high traffic site.

    So for our company it ultimately comes down to customer support. Pricing and features and headaches all seem to be relatively in the same ballpark for every serious hosting solution we've ever explored. There's only one variable: support. Because things will go wrong. And that's when you need true professionals at the helm, available 24/7, willing to put in the extra effort to ensure that no stone is left unturned in creating a workable solution.

    In our opinion, Elief has completely surpassed our expectations for truly above-and-beyond hands-on assistance: not only with glitches, but with general questions relating to making the most of our assets. We can't recommend them strongly enough, specifically on their exceptional customer service.

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    Thanks for the great review, Mark!
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