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    * 6sync ♥ FREE PORTAL 2 GAME! ♥ Best PERFORMANCE, unparalleled SUPPORT, fastest NETWORK

    We are excited to announce release of our sparkling new virtualization platform. A long time in the making, we've made sure to learn from previous experiences and build something we would love to use. Experience serious performance, unparalleled flexibility, and stunning beauty. Simply put we believe its the most amazing virtualization experience you'll have.

    Since we are so happy, and are eager to share our joy with you, we would like to announce that we'll be giving away 2x free copies of PORTAL 2 to two lucky fellows via random prize-draw (1 per person) that order a new 6sync virtual machine before March 15th! How cool is that?

    Portal 2 is a highly-anticipated first-person puzzle game available via Steam for PC/MAC, learn more.

    Here is a sample from our delectable server menu:

    nano VPS - $15
    256MB - dedicated DD3 memory
    1x - Intel Xeon Westmere CPU
    12GB - enterprise SAS 15Krpm storage
    150GB - low-latency bandwidth @1Gbps

    mini VPS - $20
    512MB - dedicated DD3 memory
    2x - Intel Xeon Westmere CPU
    20GB - enterprise SAS 15Krpm storage
    400GB - low-latency bandwidth @1Gbps

    kilo VPS - $40
    1024MB - dedicated DD3 memory
    2x - Intel Xeon Westmere CPU
    40GB - enterprise SAS 15Krpm storage
    600GB - low-latency bandwidth @1Gbps

    giga VPS - $80
    2048MB - dedicated DD3 memory
    2x - Intel Xeon Westmere CPU
    80GB - enterprise SAS 15Krpm storage
    1000GB - low-latency bandwidth @1Gbps

    peta VPS - $160
    4096MB - dedicated DD3 memory
    4x - Intel Xeon Westmere CPU
    160GB - enterprise SAS 15Krpm storage
    1800GB - low-latency bandwidth @1Gbps


    All our virtual servers are powered by Linux KVM technology, with dedicated resources, bare metal badness, and no mickey mouse overselling or shortcuts.

    For those of you who care about technical details, expect nothing less than dual Intel Xeon CPUs, bucketloads of DDR3 RAM, premium gigabit public/private connectivity out of NYC, and packed to the rafters with cool SAS 15K RPM drives in RAID 10. Amazing performance and stability you won't find anywhere else.

    Want to experience the beauty? Our management panel is what we have to show you, after a lot of sweat that has been put into developing something that is a pleasure to use - we know you'll like it! Click to explore our features in depth.


    And now for our latest trick -- integrated continuous R1soft backups of your 6sync server. R1soft is the ultimate backup solution provide unintrustive, efficient, and reliable protection and restoration. The R1soft agent is absolutely free, pay only for (compressed) disk usage which starts at only $5/mo! Backups can be taken nightly, all the way up to every 2-hours for supreme peace-of-mind.


    To top it all off, you know you're buying from the best with proper 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime SLA and an impeccable track record. Welcome to virtualization heaven.

    Happy people right here on WHT..

    And from the twitterverse..

    Become part of the family today!


    If you've got any questions of queries don't hesitate to contact us. Poke away:

    Email: [email protected]
    Twitter: @6sync
    IRC: #6sync
    Live chat:

    Exceptional VPS Hosting. With love, 6sync.

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    If you compare the speed of your vps located in NY with one of the good managed hosts in Europe(Uk or Germany) for users located in Scandinavia would you suggest me to buy a kilo of your cookies? :p

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