VPS.NET is excited to bring you high quality, cloud VPS hosting solutions. Using the coupon code, "WHT" you can receive 25% off your first months hosting bill.

What is a Node?
600 MHZ of Processing Power
376 Megabytes of Ram
10 Gigabytes of Storage
250 Gigabytes of Bandwidth
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How does VPS.NET's cloud work?
VPS.NET loads each VPS to a hypervisor server, which providers the CPU and RAM for the VPS. Your files are then backed up on redundant SAN hard drives. If the hypervisor ever experiences a problem, a new hypervisor is immediately booted up, and your files are readily accessible on the SAN hard drive.

How does VPS.NET scale?
Through the power of the cloud, VPS.NET is able to scale large enough to host VPS servers requiring up to 27GHZ of Processing Power and 24 Gigabytes of RAM. With partnerships with content distribution networks from Level3 and Highwinds, VPS.NET is able to host the largest of sites that require significant amounts of power and bandwidth.

FIVE Datacenters
VPS.NET has clouds located in five data centers, in 2 continents. Our USA data centers are in Atlanta, Georgia at the 55 Marietta data center, in Chicago, Illinois in the DuPont Fabros data center and in Salt Lake City, Utah in the C7 data center. Our European presence is located in Haarlem, Netherlands (Amsterdam), in the Evoswitch data center and London, England in the UK2 data center.

Free Blesta and HostBill licenses
Through our unique partnerships with Blesta and HostBill, VPS.NET is able to offer you free licenses of each product, for as long as you're a VPS.NET customer. Both utilities offer you a complete customer management tool, handling the billing and support for your hosting operation, and it's all available free from VPS.NET.

Management Plans Available
We know that not everyone wants to take the time to administrate their server. We also know that not everyone wants their host managing everything, which is why we've come up with two solutions. We have an on-demand management system which is available for $10 per ticket; we'll handle any task you need us to do, including the migration of your website from your old hosting provider. If you want us to manage every aspect, we have a fully managed system available for $99 a month. With this option we'll handle the entire configuration of your website, migration of your website, and then proactively monitor and manage your server to make sure it is operating properly.

Reseller Opportunities Available
Start offering your own customers VPS servers, with the industry leading technology and infrastructure from VPS.NET. With a power API, you can easily automate all the functions of the VPS server creation, without your customers ever knowing that VPS.NET is doing all the work for you behind the scenes. Reselling VPS.NET's services easily adds revenue to your operation, increases your customer retention rate, without requiring the expensive up front investment.

Contact us
Not sure how many nodes to purchase, or whether the cloud is the right solution for you? Drop us a line - [email protected]. We'll be there to help!