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Thread: Hi all.

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    * Hi all.


    My name is Felix. I am new here but i glad to start.

    I am 6 month ago was simple guy who is looking for web hosting and domain. But i am want to ask about and want to know and i was surfing in google and other. And i am do not know what exist this forum. O if in the past i know....about this place May be i do not open the own web hosting and still using any web hosting.

    I start looking for and ask about in many forums. But nobody tell me. Nothing information about WHAT CHOICE? Who best? Who simple? Who fast ? Who good? so many little stupid questions.
    But i glad. If i come to here 6 month ago i not to be learned to domains and hosting
    Now is exist new page in my life - How i open the web hosting company only for buy the web hosting for myself

    So many time i spend to search but nothing then i decided to open it myself. it is my now

    But i thing this is wrong - maybe let think about - need to create the fully TRUE review of all hosters and domainers
    i think it must be in big table of comparing. What do think about this?

    my email info (doggg)

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    Hi klimnad and welcome to Web Hosting Talk!

    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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    Welcome Felix, im new as well! Hope to see you around! If you have any questions simply send me a message!

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    Welcome dear, we all will surely be good friends very soon.. and I am sure about that

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    Hello Felix, Welcome to WHT have a great time here

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    Hi, i very glad for your answers. But i still do not know how invite clients to my own hosting i new in that and very need advices from you from all from any how profi or have the experience in web hosting I undestand adv. in forums it is little stupid and i looking other ways to adv. my web hosting and want to undesatand - what needed to start right and good. Because i like the quality and stability. And i look the good partners like enom or directi but i do not know how to sell right? i am novice. It is look's so strange. How to start?

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    And i like this forum - because it is place for speaking peoples like me and profi it is good and for start and for inviting new clients and for just speaks. Thks to administrators and founders of this forum. It is good way to understanding and good place to speak with community.

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    hello, you are welcome in WHT

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