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    Webbycart Review!

    These guys tend to be a bit taken for granted by me to some extent, so I thought it was about time I gave them a mention.

    I use only use quality providers for VPS's like KnownHost and FutureHosting......consequently I need the quality of service for backups that would be on a par with companies of that stature.

    I have around 400 clients to backup from different locations, so it's always been critically important that there are no weak links in the chain.

    So when I was looking round for a backup provider 15 months ago, I did a lot of research.....eventually going with Webbycart.
    And since that time, Webbycart have been there in the background TOTALLY handling everything for me. They have to, I'm not a sysadmin......I'm a web designer, and I'll openly admit I'm as clueless on a server as anyone could possibly be.

    KnownHost and FutureHosting have to give me 100% handholding in their respective areas.....and they do it brilliantly. And the same applies to Webbycart in their field......because make no mistake, these guys really know what they're doing, and are as quick in action and resolution as my two VPS providers.

    Example was yesterday morning I put in a ticket to get them to set up an additional Cron on a weekly basis from one of my VPS's. The time for them must have been around 2AM......and I got a THREE minute response and SEVEN minute completion from Tish.

    All I can say is that in their field of expertise they're as slick, proficient, and reliable as KnownHost are in theirs. And if you know anything about the industry then that's high praise indeed.

    So thanks to Bobby and all the team.....sorry it took 15 months to get round to this, but I tend to forget about you guys because everything just works......all the time. It's only on the odd occasion that I need something done that I remember just how good you guys actually are! domain has been verified with the Mods, plus a screenshot of the support ticket referred to above.

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    Validated; thanks for the review.

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