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    Have Peace of Mind! Remote Rsync Backup Now! As low as $4.99 / 15 GB @


    Remote Backup Rsync Service

    Give yourself and your client peace of mind with RSYNC BACKUP Service. Whether you're backing up 1GB or 100GB, rsync technology gives you the efficiency you need to perform daily remote backup with little resource usage.

    This is excellent for Web Resellers*, Using Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Server Owners and even for Shared Hosting Accounts hosted ANYWHERE*. This is an additional service for Web Host to provide for their clients starting only at $4.99 / month!.

    Here are the Plans:

    Rsync Basic Plan

    * 15 GB Disk Space
    * $4.99 / month
    * $24.95 / 6 months (1 mo. Free)
    * $49.90 / 1 year (2 mos. Free)

    Rsync Advanced Plan

    * 50 GB Disk Space
    * $9.99 / month
    * $49.95 / 6 months (1 mo. Free)
    * $99.90 / 1 year (2 mos. Free)

    Rsync Business Plan

    * 120 GB Disk Space
    * $14.99 / month
    * $74.95 / 6 months (1 mo. Free)
    * $149.90 / 1 year (2 mos. Free)

    Rsync Power Plan

    * 250GB Disk Space
    * $34.99 / month
    * $174.95 / 6 months (1 mo. Free)
    * $349.90 / 1 year (2 mos. Free)

    Our Plan is too large or too small?? - We can create custom plan for you!

    WCDouble - Just sign up for One Year and we will double your Quota For Free! Just use WCDouble as Promo code to avail this promo. Promo is valid until further notice.!


    * Uses the very efficient Rsync Technology
    * Can be set as Daily, Weekly, Monthly or any given time of the day/week.
    * Highly configurable, can backup specific directories, users, partition, etc.
    * Uses SSH Encryption
    * On the fly Compression
    * Get Back Online Instantly with Samba Mount
    * FTP, SSH and Control Panel Access.
    * Free Setup & Custom Configuration
    * Instant Activation / Setup
    * Web Browser Access to Backup Files / Web-FTP
    * New! - Quota Warning Email Alert

    Backup Server Setup

    Data Center Location : Softlayer DC, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. and Intersever DC, New Jersey, U.S.A.
    Network Provider : Multiple Internet Backbone
    Hardware Setup:
    - Dual Xeon Dual and Quad Core 2.4 Ghz
    - 8 GB RAM
    - CentOS OS
    - 12 TB HD RAID 6 (N+2 Redundancy) Storage.
    - 1 GBPS Internet Connection
    - Redundant Power Supplies Fed from Diverse Circuits.

    How does it work?

    Rsync greatly improves efficiency when compared to traditional remote backup methods. By synchronizing only those files that have changed since the last backup, using rsync results in large bandwidth savings. When combined with on-the-fly compression, performing daily rsync backup can result in less data transfer than it would take to perform two backups using the .tar.gz method in a given month.

    This service will work both on Linux and Windows Operating System. Easy to understand Instructions will be given to setup the backup in your server. We can also setup this for you.

    *- SSH access and able to implement cron tab / automated process is required.

    You can view some of our reviews posted here at WHT:

    or from our Testimonial Page at

    If you have any questions about this service, please feel free to contact Sales at [email protected].

    To order, please go to

    Bobby Bautista

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    If any of you are looking at this offer, you may want to look at a recent 15 month review for Webbycart that I've submitted HERE!

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