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    Wiredtree VPS review

    Well, this is a review of Wiredtree. I have with them now two VPS.

    I need talk a little of other providers to do a context.

    I am a chairman for three ONG in Mexico, and in one of them i need sometimes speak with government. In the last few years i run into a deeply knowledge of registrar and the domai nworld, as a sysadmin and as a programmer.

    My first Vps was in Powervps some yeara ago, and when the quality of service go down in october 2008, i was forced to move ASAP. My two options then was Solarvps and wiredtree. I Take then the solarvps because have promotion code, and stay around around one year without much problems. Then i notice less resources tahn expected, and the solarvps guys contact explaining i was receiving less resources than the ones i payed. No more detailes, but i find some evidence as Solarvps is an overselling venture, and probably managed by two people only, five at max.

    When the Solarvps staff do another "unexpected" reduction of my VPS hard disk space, i migrate ASAP, and yes, i now take wiredtree. That was around july of last year. I jump off Solarvps in november, and that last year was the worst provider i can imagine. Solarvps go to the extreme to give me some months free to fullfill the problem they make for the promotion code i use, but anyway, the adjusted Vps was worst than ever.

    In the same time, exactly the same domains who put SolarVPS on his knees, go very quickly in Wiredtree, in teh same configuration. To be exact, less memory in Wiredtree was a thousand percent better thatn the pathetic solarvps performance.

    My needs was simple at that moment:
    + One domain with 20 mail accounts opnely all time in outlook exprees via imap
    + An invision forum well managed with 60,000 messages.
    + around 7 domains with smf
    + another 30 accounts with static content.
    + A joomla of a popular restaurant/live performance events in mexico, who eat 120 gb monthly.

    Wiredtree do that without problem. Jacob Coswell, Joe Doss and other guys in Wiredtree are some of the better guys in the market now.

    Last week Joe Doss of Wiredtree help me too in a matter around security i need for a government thing. They was one of the only two people who answer, and the other was servint

    I run currently a servint and knownhost vps too.

    When two the spikes in restaurant cpu usage begin to arise, my first action was purchase with Wiredtree a second vps and migrate some domains to that, i have two months without ANY ALERT of the no nrestaurant site (all the forums mentionened before), and i am feeling safe.

    The only limitations i can find now in Wiredtree, are only sinbgle location (chicago), and no burst ram announced. Recently the restaurant increase their bandwith and cpu usage, and ask me for put in other place (the restaurant have already other sites in servint vps), and for teh burst, i migrate some domains of them to servint. (last week)

    Today i have with wiredtree two vps, and maybe go to create a third one to rebranding myself and erase the first one, the one was running six months now and without problems. maybe i need do some fixes here and there, but i am sure i will be a wiredtree user for many years in the future.

    I forgot to say, i suggesting wiredtree to my full emplyement job, for two reasons:

    + Joe answer the questions
    + Lightspeed as an option.

    Thumbs up wiredtree !
    Each registrar is a tool. Not all Tools are for the same thing

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    Thanks for the review and having the option for lightspeed is a Plus!

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    We are truly sorry to hear that you've had troubles with our company. I wanted to write and say that I am happy that you've found a home for your sites that makes you happy -- because honestly, that's what it's all about.

    If you are who I think you are, looking at the ticket history, I do recall some of the problems that you experienced and I'm not going to try to make excuses, I do feel the situation was poorly handled and for that I do not blame you for your feelings. It is truly unfortunate that we had many issues with that particular hostnode (it has long since been retired due to the same).

    Regardless, we appreciate your honesty in the matter. Our Company's COO and CEO have both seen this post and were thankful to hear of your honest feedback on the matter. As part of our merger with FortressITX/DedicatedNow and with the increased resources it provides, We will have several measures going into place to further improve the monitoring and performance of our systems and ensure uniformity throughout. Our staffing has also increased between that timeframe and now from 8 to nearly 15 full time employees (mostly support) that are dedicated to SolarVPS around the clock, and is now expanding again with our merger.

    We do not oversell our systems as a rule (I actually personally oversee this, since roughly December), but in cases like this where the system experiences both disk and RAM hardware failure issues like this node did, I can certainly understand how a situation like yours can turn nasty for customers, and we regret that we were not able to properly care for you the way that you deserved. In your case, I know it is far too little and way too late, but I did want to let you know that we actually very much so appreciate feedback -- even negative -- It keeps us grounded and moving forward, and that we do act on it whenever possible.

    But I mainly posted to say this -- Good luck with everything going forward. And once again, I'm glad to hear that You've found a happy home. I know a few of the folks over at Wiredtree and can honestly say that they are very good people, and that you are in excellent hands.

    Thanks again!
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    I fully agree with Aorozco about wiredtree. I had tried many other hosting companies before (reseller, VPS) and the main reason I was leaving was the lack of support services (time to reply, eagerness to find solutions, etc.

    When I started using Wiredtree in 2007 with a samll VPS, and later with a Hypbrid plan, I was pleasingly surprised with the efficiency of their support. I have NEVER had a ticket processed later than 15 minutes after submitting it. The people there have always been working hard to find the best solutions to my requests! And I have been with them for 4 years now, a record for me!

    I would strongly recommend Wiredtree to anyone.

    Robert Leroux
    Montreal, CA

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    The problem with SolarVps Justin, is not one. Was many many.

    In few words, in early november 2010 i begin again the procedures to cancel the account and i transcribe here the Ticket send the answer by douglas [JVDSSALES #CQI-476870]: Need know options to downgrade and a for a new vps in 21 / 06 /2010

    I need say again, i was migrating already in that moment and ask for a downgrade to make you check you have an error. Because i have the worst VPS ever in that moment thanks of you. I trust you, my mistake, and in the next months i lost the three customers i had with you. The hard disk was limited two timnes in less a month for "nobody reason", and when i full documented one of you saying the adventages of overselling, you Begin a DMCA versus me. I only put the evidence of your chat sales, show evidence of this forum of what are the people, and document the "requeriments for hire" and i made an educated guess of the realted strange your people answer sales, here as technical, and the name of the tech people appear here promoting the "overselling".

    I have all the backup of the material of the DMCA you send to me, for publish the names of your conversations in sales chat, and show the relations with your worst service, and again fundamented the probable overselling.

    Your Billing procedures already crash before i enter, and really, is the only worst thing i know apart your support.
    Each registrar is a tool. Not all Tools are for the same thing

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