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    Creating s vpn..?

    Hi all

    I have a machine at home that we want to use to store all our data on, though at tines we will be on the move and we still want to be able to access this machine at home.

    So whats the best option so we can still access this? or what software do we need to install on it? we want to be able to do it like this so there isnt any data on our laptops ( just incase we loose them ).

    Any ideas or thoughts would be great, i heard about vpn though cant seem to get my head round it for some reason.

    May i just add that its running windows 7, with a router that is also linked to another 2 computers in the house so we can access them all.


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    Check this out:

    It provides instructions for setting up both incoming and outgoing connections using the built in VPN client windows 7 offers.

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    I have done this and although it works locally ( using the computers in my house ) when im travelling how do i access it then?


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