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    Weird ASP code behavior driving me crazy

    I have a function that takes a date from a website, converts it to a format the computer can understand and then shows it on my website.

    In all the test code it works fine, including a page that does just that. But on the main site, the very same function returns the date without a space between the date and time so it shows like 3/3/201110:48:36 AM

    Why would the space mysteriously vanish when I'm using the same source date and same functions?

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    I have one clue, I've found that for some reason the HTML code on the page with the problem is being received in all uppercase but there are no UCase functions on that page. Is it possible that another function working with the HTML variable may be changing it to uppercase? Do functions in ASP work ByVal or ByRef by default? Can you change it like in VB apps?

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    Wow that was it, a previous function working with the HTML variable was ByRef by default and changing the original variable to uppercase. I've found that you can use ByVal/ByRef in ASP and changed it to ByVal and everything works.

    All this time I thought I was going crazy.

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    Aren't we all?

    Hey thanks for sharing your solution.

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