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We are very pleased and excited to announce that our Secure SSL VPN Passthrough is now online and accessible.
Our SSL VPN tunnel has been a long awaited feature for many clients and we hope that this excites you as much as us!
This feature will allow you to gain secure, private, and encrypted access to your dedicated server(s) Private Network interface(s).

This has many ramifications including the ability to access your embedded IPMI, KVM over IP, and Power Control features of each server over the Private Network giving you more accessibility options in managing your server hardware.
An additional advantage is the power to disable all public Internet facing access to SSH/RDP and any other services/applications/ports, leaving access open only to connections originating on the internal Private Network. This will greatly reduce your risk of hacker intrusions.

There are many other examples of how to make use of the VPN, with one more being the ability to delegate VPN accounts to employees, staff, or customers to allow for secure and encrypted access to your portal(s), systems, etc. without the risk of leaving sensitive portals open to the public.

All QuadraNET client accounts have their own VLAN'ed private network segment. No other clients can access your network. This is a truly private, segmented network structure that allows complete security and privacy.

Every customer receives 1 free concurrent connection via SSL VPN into the Private Network. Additional concurrent connection packages are available as an upgrade.

Access to your SSL VPN Passthrough is possible from within our client portal at https://manage.quadranet.com

Stay tuned for further exciting news and feature launches. We have a team of programmers and designers working every day to complete new advanced management and automated services to provide you with greater control and performance.
If you have any ideas for new features, we would love to hear them. Please use the "Feature Request" option in our customer portal under the "Helpful Resources" tab.

Thank You!
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