PogiWeb LLC would like to work with you on offering Virtual Private Servers to your clients. Offering VPS accounts are made simple with SolusVM and PogiWeb working together. We offer a wide range of different virtual private server plans at already reduced prices. The only thing you need to do is choose your plan you want to offer and then set your own prices.

10% Off for having 2-10 VPS accounts
15% Off for having 11-20 VPS accounts
20% Off for having 21-30 VPS accounts
25% Off for having 31+ VPS accounts

How do I get started in five easy steps?

1. Have at least one active VPS account
2. When you're ready to purchase your second server contact the sales department regarding our VPS Discount Program.
3. Use the promotion coupon designed for you to receive the discounted price.
4. VPS will be issued to your reseller account.
5. Relax and have fun while we handle the server side of things.

Visit http://pogiweb.com/vpsdiscount for more information.