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    Cool Core i3-540, 4 Gigs Ram, 1 TB HDD and Servers Starting at $29/Month! -

    Hey WHT!

    We now have more servers in stock valid with this offer!

    Special One:

    Intel Core i3-540 Dual-Core 3.06 GHZ
    4GB RAM
    1x 1 TB hard Drive
    Instant OS Reloads / Changes Via customer portal!
    2TB Bandwidth
    IPKVM (With Virtual Media) / Remote Reboot
    2 Currently In Stock

    **1/2 Off 2nd Month of Service**
    Pick Your Price!
    $89 / Month $0 Setup
    $75 / Month $100 Setup
    Order Here

    Special Two:

    P4 2.8 GHZ HT
    80GB Hard Drive
    1GB Ram
    1000 GB Transfer
    IPKVM / Remote Reboot Included
    $20 / Month Discount! Regular Price $49.99
    $29.99 / Month $0.00 / Setup ***MUST ENTER CODE "30P4WHT" for this discount***
    1 Currently In Stock

    Use the discount code "30P4WHT"
    Order Here

    All servers include remote reboot, and on-demand IPkvm with Virtual Media!

    To get your 2nd month of service at half off open a ticket to our billing department after payment for your first month of service has been made. We will then credit your account for 1/2 the monthly cost of the server to be used towards your next months payment!

    For more details visit

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    With the Core-i3 servers you can upgrade your ram to 8GB for a one time fee! We also have 2nd hard drive options for Raid1, also a onetime setup option.

    $100 will get you 8GB ram or 2x hdd's.

    Thanks for your questions guys!

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    i guess the $29.00 is gone

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    I updated the stock count... sorry about that at this time we do have one left!

    Thanks for the post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zrehy View Post
    Where are you from? Line?
    I'm not sure I understand your question. Our datacenter is located Down town Salt Lake City, Utah.

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    80GB Hard Drive => what kind is it ? IDE, SATA ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazzi View Post
    80GB Hard Drive => what kind is it ? IDE, SATA ...
    The 80 Gig drive in the p4 system is SATA.

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    how long you are in business ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buyersheaven View Post
    What are the options and cost of raid 1. I don't see the option for ordering the ram and hard disks at a one time fee.

    Also the posting here shows 1Tb hard disk whereas the order form on your site shows 500 Gb hard disk.
    For this offer we are including the 1TB disks, if you wish to upgrade to a mirror raid email sales after your order and they can issue a onetime invoice for the cost of the hardware you wish to add.

    We have been in business since 2009.

    Thanks for the questions!

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