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    How can I ping my server from venezuella?

    Please suggest me if there are any sites where I can do that.

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    There aren't any "ping" sites that I know of that are based out of Venezuela, you'd need to find somebody there and ask them to ping for you.
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    I took a quick look and also found none, you can try searching google for a looking glass or ping test but as Mike said you may be out of luck and have to go direct to a user.
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    Thanks for your answers, I will try to search more in google.

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    I have methods to ping a server from almost anywhere in the world. You can PM the IP and I will do a ping and full tracert from Venezuela for you.
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    There are some sites who offer pinging services. I have used one and it is reliable.

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    You could try searching for a local gateway to traceroute from over at they have a whole list of public gateways for you to run traces

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    Ask somebody in venezuella to do that for you.

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    In order to perform ping test,
    Just visit this site
    It has the best information of IP address, IP address to domain, domain name to IP,domain name, hosting, and ping test to know the particular connection is online or not!!!!!

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