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    A question about FTP

    I've been trying to set up ftp accounts all day now, my problem is when I make the user I enter this for there directory -d /downloads
    but they are still able to go above /downloads and see everything else such as /root /bin etc etc. How do I fix it so they cannon see the important files and only the downloads directory.?

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    any control panels ?
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    No, everything by root. I don't really want to install a program as it's mainly just a small vps.

    Here is the line I use when making a user,

    useradd -d /downloads -r daryl -g userftp -s /bin/false

    But like I said I can still get out of the /downloads directory and go above Can't delete anything however but it's still not what I want to do.
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    Also I'm using pro-ftpd.

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    It's been a while since I used ProFTPd.

    Try following option in your config file:
    DefaultRoot ~
    Don't forget to restart ProFTPd afterwards.
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    this link will help you set it up in the way you need it:

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