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Thread: With Sedo

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    With Sedo

    I have 6 domain names parked with sedo about one year but no offers so far.
    I want to slae all in bulk can anyone help where I can?

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    Try advertising listings on other domain/website marketplaces. Good ones are or (pretty much the same company but they both have marketplaces for domains)

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    DNForum is another good place to start as well.

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    I would add NamePros to the list, also you may try webmaster forums with marketplaces like DigitalPoint.

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    It's all about finding an end user for your domain whether it be sedo or any domain/webmaster forum. If you have spent that much time, and received no offers yet then there might be possibility that your asking price is high for these domains or there is no end user for the domains you own. In later case, you could try to develop them and then sell. Usually well-built sites fetch more money than undeveloped domains (unless they are hot domains that anyone would want to buy).
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    Definitely try and DNF has a subscription fee for certain areas of the forum but I think its worth it.

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    Try other places.
    Sedo is good at the right time for the right person. If they happen to see it.

    Otherwise I would recommend flippa. That's basically the only other place I sell domains at.

    There is a $19 listing fee. Then 5% fee on success (Once auction sells). Not much considering the traffic and speed you can get your domain sold.

    NOTE: Most domains sold on flippa are sites tho. Not many people sell just the domain. They usually have a solid site behind it that can generate revenue (thus higher auction price).

    Sometimes posting your domain for sale in various forum signatures/profile is good too. (If forum allows) Thus, if anyone comes by, they can PM or contact you.

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    you Can sale all your domains at Sedo. ask help from their broker and also you can market all your Domains at different Web Forums and Social media Sites.

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    I sold a domain at WickedFire, I have over 50 domains listed at sedo and only 2 offers were made .. don't forget try Bido

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