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    * Managed Dual Intel 5335 Clovertown + 2 x 300GB SAS (only 2 left)

    We are currently running a promotion on this server configuration and we can offer it as follows:

    Server: - (only 2 left)
    Chassis: DELL PowerEdge 1950
    CPU: Dual Clovertown 5335
    RAM: 8GB ECC
    Harddisk: 2 x 300GB SAS
    Hardware Raid available!

    Operating System: CentOS 5 with Cpanel with Fantastico and Rvskin

    Bandwidth: 2000GB
    Port: 100Mbit (Burstable, Average Method Metering)
    Connectivity: Switch is at 1 + 1 gbit to Datacenter core
    Network: 14.5Gbit - Level 3, Global Crossing, Time Warner
    Test IP:

    Management Services:
    (Full Server Management Included - Read Below!)

    Monthly Price: US$399/Month
    No Setup Fee - Promotion ends 15 March 2011!

    We offer what is known as "100% proactive support". By this, it means we proactively patch your servers upon patch availability, proactively troubleshoot a server if an issue occurs, and more. We also set it up, and secure it to protect it from hackers. The exact details would be listed below:

    All our dedicated servers come with the following legendary managed services included:

    Security Setup (Initial if applicable):-
    + One Time Security Patches
    + Patch Your OS with all patches
    + Firewall Configuration
    + Performance Tune-ups
    + Apache/PHP/MySQL
    + Partitioning Advice
    + Monitoring Software Installation
    + One Time Installation of Key Software
    + And an extensive list of security patches and tweaks

    On top of that, we will setup and secure your server before handing it over to you. That includes a list of over 20 tweaks and tuning. Our managed services include the following:

    Monthly Managed Services:-
    + Guaranteed Proactive Patch within 24-48 hours from availability of patch
    + Online live support on server related issues via IM/Emails/Help tickets
    + 2 hours month system administration time
    + Server monitoring (Total of up to 15 services - worth hundreds of dollars ! )
    + Protection against DDOS
    + Hack Recovery Services

    We also back it up with our hardware guarantee!
    + Hardware replacements at our cost!

    Interested parties, please direct all queries to [email protected]. No PMs please.
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    100% Customer Satisfaction!!!
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