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    Has anyone else received an invitation to WHD? I've never heard of it before, but its in Germany and I would love to go. I assume it's legitimate because Ditlev is scheduled to speak about OnApp and I would love to be there for that. However I have some concerns because I've never heard of it before.

    Has anyone been to one of these before? How was your experience?
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    WHD is just like Hostingcon but in Europe(Germany). It's legitimate, this year it's in a tiny city in the middle of nowhere I've heard which is the only downside from what I've heard(from Lance and Mario). However if you've got the time off as well as the money to buy a last minute ticket to Germany it may be worthwhile to go.
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    I heard it's at

    Looks like a good location if you ask me!
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    It looks pretty good IMO, but I'll have to wait until next year to attend (even though I have a free pass this year). Just can't be in two places at once (yet!)

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    WebHostingDay is definitely legit and has been running for a couple of consecutive years now. In fact I was just there last year in Brule, great event!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuthin View Post
    I heard it's at

    Looks like a good location if you ask me!
    yeah, i gotta admit, the location sounds good. i'm going, and if you guys wanna meet up for a cup of coffee, lemme know.

    see you at WHD!

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    In past years it was just outside of Cologne and not really convenient to anywhere but itself. When I went I always stayed in Cologne and drove to the event each day. I've no idea if this year's location will be better than last year. The actual event venue for the tradeshow end of things can't be any worse than last year (last year it was a tent built on wooden pallets on a hill. By the end of the show the whole thing felt like it was sliding down said hill).

    That said, the event itself was actually a pretty good time. Any car-nuts should make it a point to go to the Nurburgring while you're in the neighborhood :-)
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    I'll be there this year, finally. I've been wishing to attend since 2 years ago.

    If anyone would like to connect with me to chat on hosting matters (and to practice some Spanish), just drop me a PM.

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    We'll be there too, as always

    By the way, the event name was previously "WebHostingDay" and it is now called "WorldHostingDays"

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