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    Core i7 950 vs 2* Xeon 5630 for desktop usage

    Hi all,

    I want to buy a computer to use as desktop to run very heavy computational jobs. I want to work in both Linux unbutu and windows 7. I am going to use LAMMPS software in Linux environment which is capable of using as much as available core. Two different configs were recommended

    1- Core i7950 and ASUS P6T
    2- 2*Xeon 6530 (two 6530 processors) and super micro X8 DTLi

    I know that prices are highly different but I have following questions

    • Is xeon cpu capable of being used as desktop and is compatible with windows 7 and linux
    • which one of the above configurations would work faster (for my usage)

    any help, highly appreciated.

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    I think the i7 950 will work faster.

    I am not sure if the xeon will work with linux.

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    You can run the dual xeons in win 7 64 bit, and in linux. The xeons will probably outperform a single 950.
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    Diddo to Mr. Box. But all around, as a desktop CPU, the 950 kicks Azz. ;-)

    Hooray for the Sandy Bridge

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