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    Looking for a facebook / twitter desktop-like APP for general use


    I'm looking for a way to communicate with end users via a desktop app that works similar to Facebook / Twitter desktop / iPhone / SmartPhone apps, and hope someone can help me with this?

    Basically I need to convey information (newsletters, news flashes / download links / etc to users, but via a desktop application.

    think of "Google Notifyer" or Mixero, or even how online game manufacturers communicate with game player via a UI / game interface.

    BUT, and here's the but, I need something that I can customize a bit to work with our specific setup. The basic idea is to have an admin backup, which can run on PHP + MySQL (we can code this ourself) and then app can get whatever content is in the Database on the client's desktop.

    Can anyone point me into any direction for something like this?

    Ideally it should work on Windows, Linux & MAC - so I'm thinking something written in C++ / C# / GTK+ / etc with different OS installers would be ideal.
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    Please let me know if you find one.
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    You look of something like a desktop alerts
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