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    Fasthost or OVH or 1and1, which one for dedicated server?

    I'm with Theplanet/Softlayer at the moment but due to growth i need more bandwidth. I've been reading about for all three of them. Sounds like all suck.

    Reviews about Fasthost and 1&1 usually related to web hosting which I'm not interested.

    Which one do you recommend? I am quite confident on server software side, all I need a reliable network connection without BW limits.

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    If you won't need support (unless for some hardware issues or something), 1&1 will be a good choice. Yups, their support sucks big time.
    I'm staying with 1&1 despite of their clueless support because their network is very good and the server is cheap.

    Forget about Fasthosts, it's owned by 1&1. Their phone support is also routed to 1&1's call center which is somewhere in Asia.

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